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Our collaboration and communication apps let you add a business number to your Windows or MAC PC and mobile. You get a dedicated phone number that works anywhere. You can eliminate the expense of a traditional desk phone or have it in addition to the desk phone, make free app to app voice and video calls as well as call to any device. In addition, securely message co-workers wherever you work.

That's not all! Each app includes your own personal MyRoom meeting space for secure audio or video conference calls, and sharing files, apps or PC screens. Our Meet App is included for free and works with your mobile calendar to allow click to join MyRoom or other popular meeting types on the go.

Try-it! Features


HD video and voice calling

Highest quality voice and video helps make both one-on-ones and group conferences much more productive.


Virtual Meeting Rooms

UC-One My Room is your virtual meeting space where you and your team can meet at any time for a productive collaboration session.


File Sharing

It’s super easy and secure to share files of any type. Simply drag your file or click on the paper click icon.


Instant Messaging

When you can’t talk, simply send a quick message and stay connected to your teams regardless of where you are.


Screen Sharing

You’re one click away from sharing your desktop, no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.


View your call and message history

Missed a call? No worries, Communicator keeps all your call and message history right at your fingertips.

Work effectively from anywhere

Break through the barriers associated with a geographically distributed team.  With video and HD audio calling, instant messaging, sharing, and presence indication, team members will feel connected no matter where they are located.

Connected road warriors

With Try-it!, your office is now with you wherever you and your mobile phone go. Keep your personal number private when placing business calls and never miss an instant message while away from your desk. 

Integrated collaboration

Increase team efficiency and enable a seamless collaboration experience with one app for all of your communication needs. Make calls, set up and access virtual meetings, and instant message with a simple click.

Your Complete Business Communication Solution

Feature Highlights:


  • Secure & reliable delivered anywhere from the cloud
  • A powerful business tool - no annoying pop-up ads
  • You get to choose a real phone number or port your existing business numbers, such as keeping your desk phone.
  • Automated self-service attendant for around the clock call processing
  • Settings allow ringing flexibility - forward calls, simultaneous ringing and do not disturb with business voicemail and delivery right in your email inbox
  • Your data is kept confidential
  • Free app-to-app messaging and calling as well as free calling to other business or personal numbers
  • Call through or callback setting on mobile apps allow cost optimization for use on any network globally
  • Calls made from your PC or Mobile provide your business identity and not your personal cell number
  • Apps work on WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE using integrated data compression for calling with minimal bandwidth; facilitates calling where bandwidth is critical
  • Turn your tablet into a powerful mobile device with a business line


The Hub feature is ideal for helping you with real-time access to your most recent emails, meetings, files and social interaction with another user. With a simple sign-in to your cloud-based apps, you create a powerful contextual information Hub that shows you a chronological list of information exchanged with the caller - including their most recent tweets! Utilizing ‘Quick Actions’ allows you to click to accept meetings, archive messages, or approve expenses without ever leaving the Hub.

Instant Messaging and Presence

Instant Messaging and Presence combine to form a powerful set of mobile and desktop App features that allows you to chat real-time and inform others of your location and status. Users can quickly see each other’s presence and availability at a glance to help decide the best ways to communicate. Your presence status is dynamically updated for time zone, location, phone call and calendar interaction to help engage users on-the-go.

Video and HD Audio Calling

Face to face interaction has been proven to help relay thoughts, ideas and instructions most effectively.  The Try it! Desktop App allows you to easily leverage built-in or USB cameras to add video to your everyday communication. Crystal clear HD audio can also help reduce strain, ensuring you’re able to hear and be heard clearly. As an app user, you can easily elevate instant message sessions to an HD audio or video call with a click.


My Room Meetings

My Room is a collaboration App feature that provides built-in instant meeting tools with an ‘always on’ room for easy access. Moderator controls are embedded within your voice, video and instant messaging App for integrated simplicity. Join, communicate and share with a simple click!

File, URL, and Desktop Screen Share

File, URL and Desktop Screen sharing via instant message in both My Room and between other app users allows for information to flow more quickly. Through the Desktop App, PC users can share their entire screens or discreetly open apps with other PC App users or My Room guest users.  Rather than type and send an email, colleagues can drag and drop files or paste in and share URLs to help speed up workflow and instantly collaborate in the workplace.

Communication History

Communication History is an App feature that helps you automatically track instant messages, missed and made voice calls, video calls and voice messages.  This enables you to recall past conversations but also quickly follow-up or return missed calls with a simple click.

Trial Details

The free trial includes:

  • Free app use for 30-days
  • App-to-app calling and messaging
  • Video calling between WIN / MAC PC app versions
  • Outbound calling to business or personal numbers
  • MyRoom meetings with guest access
  • The Meet mobile app for joining conference calls
  • Hub contextual communication experience
Note: For purposes of the free trial, you do not receive a business number for inbound calling or auto-attendant services. Please sign-up with Iristel today to receive the complete unified communication experience.


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